By Joshua Lipowski

Thad Moffitt, grandson of “The King,” Richard Petty, is heading into his first full season in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Not only is the 23-year-old Petty a fresh face on the Truck Series grid, but his race team, Faction46, is stepping up to run the complete 23-race schedule for the first time.

Moffitt grew up around the Petty race shop in Level Cross, North Carolina, and often went to the race track with the family and crew. He will drive the No. 46 truck, as an homage to being a fifth-generation racer in the Petty family.

Get to know the Craftsman Truck Series’ newest driver, who happens to be a member of NASCAR’s “Royal Family.”

My Favorite … Movie: Anything NASCAR – I like a lot of movies, but, of course, I’m partial to NASCAR movies like Days of ThunderStroker Ace and Talladega Nights. To explain that, I guess it would just be because I love NASCAR. I love racing so much that when I watch, I can relate a lot better.

My Favorite … Workout: Running – I like to run, and I run a lot. I find it relaxing, so I just put my earbuds in and, depending on the weather, I’ll run outside or I’ll run on an elliptical or treadmill inside.

My Favorite … Food: Filet Steak – Steak is something I could eat every single day … I like it to be more lean protein when I’m eating it. Especially when you’re trying to stay in shape. The more protein you eat and the less carbs, the better off you will be.

My Favorite … Piece of Racing Memorabilia: Adam Petty Shadow Box – When I started racing, my cousin, Austin Petty, gave me a bunch of Adam’s stuff, so I have a shadow box in my room filled with Adam Petty shoes, Adam Petty gloves and an Adam Petty helmet.

My Favorite … Athlete Outside of Racing: Jordan Spieth – I watch a lot of golf, and Jordan Spieth is maybe my favorite athlete outside of racing. However, my favorite sport to watch is football. I’m a big Clemson Tigers guy in NCAA, and I’m a big Green Bay Packers fan in the NFL.

In a NASCAR Movie, Who Plays You: Matthew McConaughey – Even though we don’t look alike, I just like watching his movies. He has a fun, energetic attitude all the time, and that’s kind of the way I like to envision myself. Even in the worst moments, I can try to bring some light to the surface and some happiness to it.